The Best Wine Rack Accessories On The Web

Wine Rack AccessoriesWine racks are a basic wine accessory used for holding wine bottles in an orientation facilitating long-term wine storage. Most wine racks are designed for a bottle to be stored on its side, with a slight slant downwards towards the bottle’s neck. This type of wine rack ensures that wine is always in contact with the cork, thus preventing the cork from drying out and the subsequent ingress of oxygen, which would ultimately spoil the wine.

Other accessories include items like the Windsor wine carrier, a convenient wine tote that comes complete with wine glasses and the accessories you need for a day at the beach or in the mountains. We also have an insulated wine carrier made of canvas, which will keep your wine at the ideal temperature. Don’t forget to take along a Lever Man automatic corkscrew, which has a sleek design and comfortable grip that makes opening wine bottles an agreeable experience rather than a nerve-racking one.

Last updated on December 16, 2017 12:20 am

Wine Rack Accessories Makes it Easy to Enjoy Wine Anywhere

 The Windsor picnic backpack comes complete with dining service and has straps inside to hold everything in place while you travel. It also has detachable wine duffel. Another great picnic backpack is the Provencal, a flowered toile waterproof pack that is insulated to bring your picnic anywhere. It includes picnic service for two or four people and detachable wine duffel. Lastly, we have the Hamptons picnic backpack, also with insulated wine duffel to bring your favorite vintage along.

Our super site also has several varieties of wine bottle carrier, including the Vintage Carrier For Four, a unique wine carrier that comes complete with glasses and accessories for four people.