Decorative Wine Racks That Make Storage Easy

Decorative Wine Racks

Wine connoisseurship and the demand for decorative wine racks has trickled down to the middle class as good wines have become more affordable in the past few years. The average consumer wants a decorative wine rack because he or she does not have a custom wine cellar to house vintages. To please this new variety of wine aficionado, sellers are whipping out a range of wine racks.


Silver Curve wine racks feature a smooth satin finish and an award-winning, S-shaped design. Our free standing Metal Wine Rack Center is a total organizer for your wine collection, with space for 12 bottles in the middle and 8 glasses on the rack along the bottom. The Metro Wall Metal Wine Rack is a wall mount model that gives your wine an eye-catching, stylish display. We also have a 25-bottle glass top metal wine rack, artistically crafted of sturdy metal in a spacious size.

Last updated on December 16, 2017 12:19 am

Middleton And Metro Floor Racks

Middleton makes wrought iron wine racks with a powder coated natural iron finish. This stylish rack has a grape and leaf design, and has a capacity of 12 bottles. Metro Floor metal wine racks are floor standing with a matte black finish and will complement almost any room. This rack also holds 12 bottles of your favorite wines and up to 21 glasses. The Metro Floor has two plexi-glass shelves for storage and serving.

Another house favorite is the 28-bottle wooden wine stand, which offers an easy and compact way to store all your wines. This contemporary wine stand is made of solid hardwood with a soft natural wood finish. It features 7 wine shelves with a combined capacity of 28 bottles.