Affordable Wineracks, Products And Accessories For The Private Collector

Affordable Wine RacksOnce you become a wine collector, you have to decide on proper storage and which affordable wine racks, products and accessories are right for you.  The collecting urge frequently starts with a person shopping for “certain wine or types of wine that they love,” says John Vego of the wine shop Buster’s Wine and Liquors, “and that brings them into it.” At what point does a lot of wine turn into a collection in need of the products on our super store? “With about three cases of serious wine,” says Vego.

There are all kinds of decorative wine racks to choose from in styles to suit every taste for storing wine at home. Wine racks are designed to store wine in a horizontal position. Your rack is also intended to hold several different bottles, so when buying a rack, you’ll need to think about how much wine you you’ll be purchasing. Whatever rack size you choose, do pay as much attention to the height of the shelves as well as their number – champagne in particular comes in all sorts of sizes – you’ll want to be sure there’s room for storage of the magnums as well as the bottles.

Affordable Wine Racks And Furniture Accessories

The key mechanics of a wine cellar are its cooling and racking systems. You can easily find accessories such as custom cooling systems that control humidity and keep the room at a temperature between 53 and 55 degrees. Racking systems vary in design, but about 90 percent is made from heart of pine redwood and milled to the specifications of the wine cellar’s design. Redwood has a natural resistance to moisture, which will keep the rack from contracting and swelling.

Suitable temperature, lighting conditions, humidity control and movement all play a role in proper wine storage. The storage of wine can be done safely in temperatures just above freezing up to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Frequent changes in storage temperature can be harmful to your wine. Colored bottles are a good accessory that helps protect your wine from contact with sunlight and other forms of light, which can be as detrimental as changes in temperature.

The whole point of racking systems is to prevent your fine wines from spoilage due to environmental stress such as odors, heat, temperature swings, light and dryness. Asking which finish or which style is right for you is like asking which car is right for you; it all depends on how you’re going to use it. All of the racking systems available on our super store perform the task of temperature and airflow control to suit your need.

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